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How Much is a Single Storey Extension?

Opening Thoughts

Single-story extensions are one in every of the foremost cost-effective ways to feature space to your home and improve the aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, there are varied options to settle on from while adding a single-story extension. Consider adding any of the categories of single-story extensions mentioned above to feature the much-needed extra space and beautify your home.

Just ensure to form experts handle the event add order that the extensions will last for years to return back back.

In case you don’t have enough space to store your belongings while remodeling your home, consider renting a Moving and Storage Company.

Single Storey Extension Roof Options

When deciding to try to to a single-story extension, you may make a choice from a pitched roof or a flat roof. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Typically, a flat roof is cheaper than a pitched roof, however, while cost may be a major factor, you may also give some thought to design, maintenance, and energy efficiency. Here are the pros and cons of every roof type:

Pitched roofs pros and cons


  • Pitched roofs usually blend in better with the design of more traditional houses and are popular planning departments
  • You get higher ceilings
  • Pitched roofs tend to last longer than flat roofs


  • More expansive than a flat roof
  • Can take longer to create

Flat roof pros and cons


  • Costs –a flat roof tends to be cheaper to make than a pitched roof
  • Flat roofs provide a more modern look
  • Skylights and lightweight wells are often more easily fitted
  • Flat roofs do have a small pitch to them, so rainwater will break out. (despite the name)


  • Ceiling tends to be lower
  • A flat roof can require more maintenance over time.
  • Flat roofs tend to possess a shorter era than pitched roofs
  • They are not energy efficient

Side Return Extension

Though this can be the smallest amount expensive of all single-story extensions, it significantly boosts the planning of your home together with your available space. The side return extension is used as a headquarters or an additional bedroom. The cost of one story extension is often the maximum amount as £55k or more for a single-story extension. the foremost cost-effective option tends to be a side return extension where costs start at around £35K. A side return uses the side ally of your house of the space left at the side of an already existing outrigger and effectively can settle your home, which implies you’ll be able to create an exquisite open-plan family-friendly space that may become the guts of the house. The most popular single-story extension is that the rear extension perfect for kitchens and for creating open-plan kitchen diners, a rear extension will typically set you back £40k. the foremost expensive maybe a wrap-around extension which is actually a mixture of rear and side return extension and these builds start at £55k.

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