About Extension Types

All Types of Extensions:

  • Single storey rear
  • Double storey rear
  • Single storey rear with kick back first floor
  • Single storey side
  • Double storey side
  • Front porch
  • Garage conversion to habitable space
  • Out buildings

Prior to any visit from us or any charges, a search would be carried out on your property and surroundings which will enable us to discuss and advice you on the scope of your project and the likelihood of securing planning consent.

The initial visit at your property will consist of a full survey of your property and surroundings, consultation and photography/logging of all relevant items.

Our vast knowledge of rules and regelation imposed by central and local authorities at your disposal will give you a realistic picture of what is achievable.

We ensure the best use of available space and seamlessly blend new architecture with old, using contemporary or traditional designs.

Across London for the past twenty years we have successfully obtained planning consent to add an extension to existing period properties.

Points to Consider

For a successful application various points needs to be taken into consideration.

  • Ratio of proposed extension to the original doweling
  • Proposed usage of the gained space
  • Size of the plot/garden
  • Approximation of neighbours
  • Right of light of neighbours
  • Additional over view of neighbours
  • Period/Listed buildings

In addition to the above considerations the proposed extension should blend into the existing doweling and surroundings, must have adequate natural light, ventilation and insulation.

All structural requirements must be considered at concept stages.