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Rear Extension Ideas Single Storey

Rear Extension

Recent changes to Permitted Development guidelines in England mean that in most areas (not on designated land) you’ll be able to now add a single-storey rear extension up to eight metres from the first rear wall of a house (previously it absolutely was four metres), or six metres from all other houses, like semi-detached or terraced properties (previously three metres).

This allows you far greater scope to make an outsized, open-plan space that connects to your garden.

Rear Extension Ideas Single Storey

Extensions offer a good solution when it involves improving your home or expanding the prevailing space. With a rear single-storey extension, you’ll be able to significantly increase the worth of your property. it’s the foremost common form of an extension for many homes.

Rear extensions are honest thanks to creating more open space, especially for Edwardian and Victorian properties. If done well, it’s also an excellent thanks to introducing good lighting to an area.

Depending on the available space, a rear extension can completely transform the character and style of your home. Rear extension ideas might include the following:

  • Internal alterations like opening your kitchen to your back garden or creating an open plan area to be used as a combined kitchen, dining and living area.
  • Increasing the space of assorted rooms.
  • Modifying how you utilise the inside floor space.
  • Garage conversions to either a dining area, open plan kitchen or a utility room among others.
  • Replacing existing rooms with additional space stuffed with natural light.

When it involves rear extensions on houses, there are several design ideas that one can implement. betting on whether it’s

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For instance, if you have got an oversized garden space, you may consider having a garden room. it might be a good thanks to utilising all the additional space. A kitchen extension is additionally an option if you’re in need of an open plan kitchen space or a dining room.

If you’re planning one storey rear extension for your home and there happens to be inadequate space for a window, you’ll choose the roof windows. other then allowing light into the house, it’ll even be an ingenious thanks to utilising the available roof space. most of the people tend to go for the glass extensions for his or her home extension because it allows natural light into space.

If you wish to realize an orangery design together with your single-storey rear extension, then a glass roof is what you must opt for. A roof lantern is additionally a perfect option for house extensions if you wish the area to be full of natural lighting. you ought to make sure that there’s automatic ventilation so on avoid the space overheating.

Another option you’ll be able to consider is that the flat roof extension. With this sort of roofing, you’ll have a roof terrace extension. there’s also the choice of getting a ground terrace for your home if you wish an extra room or an attractive garden view.

Photo by Jesse Roberts on Unsplash

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