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Utility Room

Whether you’re adding a utility room to maneuver laundry and appliances out of the kitchen or as a boot room/dog washing station, here are some tips.

So, why do I want a utility room?

Utility rooms are growing in popularity. They’re often standard in new homes and are described because of the 21st century equivalent of the en suite bathroom. This is often partly in response to the open-plan living, kitchens aren’t any longer only for cooking – they’re spaces to relax and entertain. “Utility rooms are useful for getting white goods out of the kitchen. I’ve got an open plan kitchen, diner, lounge, and that I don’t want to listen to the washer whirring around on full spin when I’m watching TV” said Barker.

Where should it go?

There are other ways to make a utility room. Some homeowners convert a part of a garage, basement, or story box room while others extend the kitchen to make a brand new utility area. If there isn’t space for a utility room, it’s going to be possible to maneuver your washer and dryer out of the kitchen into an oversized cupboard. It’s probably best in a very location where people won’t be disturbed by the noise.

Fixtures and fittings

It’s hard to beat a giant butler sink for soaking soiled laundry or scrubbing muddy boots or sports kit. These deep, ceramic sinks are large enough to deal with most cleaning tasks. “If homeowners have dogs, utility rooms are often a very useful space for cleaning muddy paws before they’re released within the house,” said Barker. Small pet baths or showers for hosing down dogs are increasingly popular. A utility also can multi-task as a boot room and overflow kitchen. “Quite often if I’m designing a utility room, I try to get an additional fridge in there as that’s handy for a cold beer and wine,” said Barker.

Consider plumbing and electrical supply…

Whether you’re creating a utility room by extension or converting an existing space, remember to think about services. These include facility, the position of waste-water outlets, heating, and electrics. Speak to a plumber about extending or relocating pipes. You’ll also have to get advice from an electrician about wiring and power points for appliances. “Anything is feasible, but you would like to create it easy services wise, otherwise it can get costly,” said Skeete. All electrical and plumbing work must adjust to current building regulations.


Ideally, a utility room will have a window to help ventilation and convey natural light in, but this could not be possible, as an example during a garage. Heat and moisture from washing and drying clothes have to be tackled to forestall dampness and mold. Under Building Regulations, any new utility room should be given a mechanical extractor fan to cut back condensation whether or not it’s a window.

Space planning

Work out what it’s you would like to use the utility room for and style it accordingly. “You should give some thought to the functions. Is it just laundry for laundry and drying clothes or is it the rear entrance to the house and an area for stowing muddy wellies, raincoats, and umbrellas? Each individual family will vary in how they require to use a utility room,” said architect Scot Masker. A standard mistake is to style the area, so appliances fit but with little thought for the way they’ll be used. For instance, does one want work surfaces for folding clean clothes or an ironing space? Will you hang wet washing to dry there on rainy days? Is there floor space for a garments horse or do you have to consider a pulley-style wall or ceiling-hung rack? would it not be handy to own a bench for sitting down and kicking off muddy wellies?

Storage solutions

There are many ways to stay everything in your utility room neat and tidy. On-wall storage above your washer is beneficial to stay laundry lotions and potions safely out of reach of youngsters. Think twice about what you may store – clothes pegs, pet paraphernalia, mop, and bucket – before installing cabinets. Floor to ceiling cupboards may be useful for giant items sort of a vacuum or board. You will also want shoe racks and coat pegs. Simply because it’s a practical room, doesn’t mean it’s to be dull. If you wish country looks, opt for wicker storage baskets on sturdy, rustic shelves. A sleek look is achieved with high gloss cabinets to cover clutter. Otherwise, you can add vintage, scullery chic with cream enamel accessories.

It’s worth investing in an exceeding utility room as a part of a replacement extension, said Samantha Brown of Lang Town and Country estate agents. “A lot of buyers like utility rooms. they’re abundantly wanted. They add value.”

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