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2 Storey Extension Ideas

What is a Double Storey Extension?

A double-storey extension is essentially a two-storey extension built to increase the dimensions of your house and your room on two floors – ground and second level floor. Double-storey extensions or 2 story extensions create the foremost space in your home, giving twice the space of other varieties of extension. 2 story extensions open up an enormous amount of space (whether as a side return, rear, or wrap-around extension) as they encounter two floors, allowing families rise in their room additionally as the additional room upstairs for an additional bedroom or perhaps an en suite for the master suite.

Double Storey Extension Ideas

Depending on whether you’re building a kitchen, a bedroom, a room, a playroom, the necessities are different, and little details can make a large difference also. This is why it’s always a decent idea to rent professional designers and building company for a project that’s often one in a very lifetime.


The downstairs portion of your double-story extension will allow you to make incredible lebensraum with all the space you may need. A double-story extension will allow you to own an open plan kitchen with all of the luxuries of high-spec appliances and bespoke design, that’s perfect for entertaining. You may even incorporate an area or living area, with bi-fold doors opening out on to your garden or patio


What would you wish to attain along with your new space upstairs?
If you’re building a brand new bedroom, for instance, the peak of the ceiling isn’t as important as within the front room. Make it an ensuite, if possible, as ensuite bedrooms are an added value to a property.

Remember there are building regulations on the dimensions of staircases, landings, corridors, etc. confirm you seek advice from an expert for the layout design, to avoid issues that will become evident towards the top of the project, once they are costly to resolve.

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Double Storey Extension Semi-Detached House

A double-storey extension for a semi-detached home is a simple job and is our commonest house type we work on. A double-storey extension semi house can provide you with near twice the number of space compared to a typical semi house size. However, you don’t need a giant 2 storey extension semi house to unencumber lots of room as you’re able to add an excellent deal of additional storage or elbow room upstairs and downstairs.

Double Storey Extension Terraced House

Just because you reside in an exceedingly terrace house doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a very double-storey extension. A double-storey extension row house is that the perfect thanks to increasing the length and space of your home allowing you to form an infinite elbow room. You can extend the dining room and kitchen downstairs into an extended entertaining area and upstairs of the double-storey extension townhouse will be wont to create an additional bedroom, storage, bathroom or the other room you have got the inspiration for.

Double Storey Garage Extension

Have another idea? Well, a double-storey garage extension could be a completely viable extension to speculate in. Have space at the side of your home above the garage where you wish to increase to? Then this will be done and might unlock loads of space upstairs. A double-storey garage extension doesn’t always should get on the side of the house, but this can be a typical double-storey side extension that a lot of people invest in because this permits you to assign the wasted space above your garage.

Where Should A Double Storey Extension Be Located?

  • At the rear: The rear of a property is typically the simplest place to feature a two-storey extension to a townhouse or semi-detached property.
  • At the side: Where a property incorporates a large outdoor area, as many homes on a carrefour do, there is also the potential to increase over two storeys at the side. In some instances, an extension can wrap around multiple sides of an existing property. An extension to the rear can often be the most effective place to make onto a semi. Is yours a terraced home or on a corner plot? Then the side return may well be the realm to use. Read our guide to adding a side return extension for more tips.
  • On multiple sides: Super-sizing? Adding two storeys on multiple sides is additionally possible. Remember, permitted development rights only apply to rear double-storey extensions – so you’ll have to get permission if your plan is to site the extension elsewhere.

Exterior  Materials of  Your Double Storey Extention

Choosing matching materials for the outside is the easiest option, especially for the design. When it’s inconceivable, one good option is to style in contrast with the present building. All glazed or naked concrete extensions may result in an exceedingly stunning contrast for period properties.

Add value

A double-storey extension will hugely increase your room, adding value to your house and making it far more competitive within the housing market. So if you opt to manoeuvre within the future – perhaps at some extent where you wish to downsize – you’ll be able to market your house at its maximum value with the addition of a 2 storey extension.

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