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Loft Extension

A loft conversion or an attic conversion is that the strategy of reworking an empty attic space or loft into a functional room, typically used as a bedroom, office space, a gym, or storage space. Loft conversions are one in every of the foremost popular sorts of home improvement within the united kingdom as a result of their numerous perceived benefits. The installation of a loft conversion may be a complicated process, and whilst it’s visiting be possible to undertake to a ‘DIY’ loft conversion, the massive amount of labor involved often finally finishes up in many of us choosing to contract a specialist loft conversion company to undertake the task. Another style of loft conversion is converting non-residential spaces (most commonly warehouses, docks, former factories, or water towers) into habitable homes. this fashion of loft conversion has its origins within the USA. this fashion of loft first became popular within the SoHo section of recent York City during the 1960s. Artists created living spaces on the upper levels of obsolete industrial buildings, sometimes located within the center of town. within the pioneering period of lofts, most SoHo buildings weren’t zoned as residential so the lofts were getting used illegally as a room. In 1971, NY City legalized the residential use of space in SoHo, and loft living became popular throughout the neighborhood. Loft living spread to other previously industrial Manhattan neighborhoods including TriBeCa, Chelsea, and Village.

There are several varieties of loft conversion with two main types being the foremost common:

Roof Window Conversion

Roof windows are often a suitable option for homeowners because of their ability to suit into the road of the roof; thus not necessitating any restructuring of the roof itself. The installation of such windows will provide the loft space with substantial light. In the UK, a roof window conversion can often be completed under permitted development rights and won’t require planning permission, although they’re visiting always require building regulation approval.

Dormer Conversion

A dormer could be a window-featured extension of the roof, usually installed to produce more room and headroom within the loft, additionally to improved staircase access. Dormers also are popular thanks to the aesthetic enhancement to a property that they supply. In the UK, the installation of a dormer is subject to planning permission requirements from the local authorities only certain rules aren’t met. Most dormer conversions come under permitted development.

Other Types

In addition to roof window and dormer conversions, there are less common ‘hip to gable’ and ‘mansard’ conversions, which could be installed when certain circumstances require their features.

Common design considerations you’re likely to face and might resolve are:

  • Ceiling height
  • Access
  • Services
  • Lighting issues
  • Planning permission
  • Building regulations associated with floor strength and fire escapes

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