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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Drawer organizer

Tired of opening a cabinet just for all the contents to spill over on the floor? Instead of cramming Tupperware and cookware during a cupboard, keep items neatly organized in deep drawers with dividers. Imagine no more scrabbling around within the back of cabinets to seek out an identical food container and lid. Deep drawers are ideal for pots and pans and even plates with dividers to prevent them from sliding about. Smaller items may be kept in shallower drawers with compartments to stay them separately. Efficient storage means everything has its own place, said Aimee. “It’s all about having the ability to determine and quickly get to items.”

Corner cupboard

In big and little kitchens alike, there is often wasted space within the back of corner cupboards which are hard to succeed in. That big wok you tucked away in its deepest recesses may go unused just because you’re forced to travel down on cards and stretch to retrieve it. But there are nifty solutions for corner cupboards, a number of which might be retrofitted. They include the tray (a simple carousel that spins to permit access to any or all sides), pull-out L-shaped corner drawers, and swing-out shelving.

Open shelves

Most kitchens have dead space where you’ll squeeze in some open shelving for recipe books or attractive crockery. Bespoke shelves are often fitted in awkward corners – and can unlock storage space. You’ll always give them a coat of paint to match your kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, glass shelves look chic. Fill the shelves with attractive coffee mugs, homemade jams, or the rest you’re happy to display. If you’re worried it’ll look untidy, make sure to not overfill and place like with like, for instance, jars on one shelf, cookbooks on another.

Floor to ceiling cabinets

Another brilliant thanks to maximizing unused wall space are floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Traditionally, wall cabinets end slightly below the ceiling, creating a surface where dirt and grease collect. Floor to ceiling cabinets not only create extra storage but get eliminate dust traps. While you wouldn’t keep utensils for daily use on the highest shelves, they’re great for stashing bulky items, like carving sets only needed at Christmas.

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