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London House Extensions

Even with concerns over the dropping price of properties within the London market, property prices are still comparatively high so London continues to be the perfect place to possess a home. Instead of finding a replacement home within London, many of us are choosing to increase our houses instead.

If the lebensraum in your London home is cramped and cluttered, or you’ve fallen out of affection along with your home, an extension can transform the way you reside.
Do you like light and airy, open-plan living spaces? Adding a conservatory or extra glass is that the way forward to embellish up the house. Just visualize a side-return extension with new windows, bifold doors, and roof lanterns Space may be a precious commodity in London, and a home extension is one of the most effective ways to form the most effective use of that precious space.

Perhaps you reside in London and would love extra space in your house? Let’s prospect what home extension options are available for your house in London.

Affordable House Extension Ideas

There are many affordable house extension ideas. The best option may well be to reconfigure the present house, removing internal walls to form larger spaces and so possibly minimizing the dimensions of the extension required.

  • If just reconfiguring your property isn’t visiting be enough, it’s worth considering whether you’ll be able to achieve your goals while keeping within the permitted development rights of your property. You’ll not only economize on planning fees but could also save 6 weeks on your program and associated consultants’ fees.
  • Keeping the general type of the building simple, with an oblong footprint and straightforward pitched roof can sometimes help to scale back costs.
  • Materials: can cost-effective materials be employed innovatively?
  • Avoid rogue builders: You’ll be able to get advice from friends, neighbors, and your consultant team for reliable, good-value contractors.
  • Keep updating your side neighbors on the project progress, and allaying their concerns soon. You’ll even be able to economize on  Wall Awards if your neighbor is willing to consent to your extension.
  • An architect and price consultant will help to manage the budget…

What Are The Best Affordable House Extension Ideas?

  • Keeping the overall form of the building simple, with a rectangular footprint and a simple pitched roof.
  • Using cost-effective materials in an innovative way.
  • Reducing the amount of bespoke glazing.
  • Reducing the structural alterations and therefore a number of steel beams.

Modern or Traditional House Extensions?

Modern house extensions usually feature large areas of uninterrupted glass. They often take a more minimal approach to decoration and detailing. Traditional extensions typically feature windows with critical style windows or timber mullions. For completing space internally form of decoration like paneling, skirting, and architraves may become useful.

Where Can I Find House Extension Ideas?

It is an idea to form your own mood board of house extension ideas using sites like Pinterest and Houzz. this could help to define your tastes and convey these to your architect. A note of caution though, don’t try and cram every concept you prefer into your project.

What Are The Best House Extension Ideas For Sustainability?

For shrinking carbon footprint adding insulation, double-glazing, and using more efficient heating systems could be effective.
Thermal performance could be improved by triple glazing, airtight layers, and MVHR systems.

Photo by Josh Wilburne on Unsplash

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