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Kitchen Extension

The most common options for kitchen extensions are as follows:

Kitchen/Diner Extension

This is a well-liked option for people who are looking to integrate their kitchen and dining room into a more open-plan solution. With this sort of extension, you’ll increase the functionality of the kitchen with extra space for cooking, but also create an inviting entertaining space that may bring everyone together.

Extending into the side/side return

This type of extension is right for creating the foremost of underutilized space where an alley may need been while not compromising on garden space. A side extension may only be some feet but can really make all the difference to the space of the kitchen and its uses.

Double Height Extensions

As well as a two-story extension which can be beneficial if your home requires extra space, a double-height extension will offer you way more vertical space to play with. moreover, as a lightweight and airy feel, you’ll be {able to} also increase the natural light of the space and be able to capitalize on inventive storage options and trendy features due to the advantages of getting a high ceiling.


For kitchens that struggle with natural light, then a glass extension, complete with large windows, French doors, and a glass roof can help to flood the space with natural light. It can create an area filled with natural energy and calm. With this sort of kitchen extension, your kitchen will change in response to the sky. From the brightness of a breakfast room to the sunset glow over supper; your space offers a unique feel throughout the day and the seasons too.

This type of kitchen extension is often ideal for multi-functional kitchens, like being a busy space within the morning, doubling up as a piece from home space within the day to having relaxed family meals within the evening.

Wraparound Extensions

These extensions incorporate both available side space and rear space to expand your interior living environment. With these, skylight windows and roof wells are common for the side return aspect of the extension. The rear extension will make the foremost of strategic lighting, windows, and doors to form the proper ambiance. With wraparound extensions, they provide incredible flexibility and an excellent deal of space; they’re perfect for a show-stopping design.

Flat Extensions

Many flat owners believe their extension plans are limited. However, there can often be many solutions for the way to rework and adapt the property while respecting the character and nature of the property. For ground floor flats, the simplest option is also to increase to the rear of the property. However, there are several other ways you’ll be able to achieve a kitchen extension, whether or not you suspect your existing space is proscribed.

Victorian Kitchen Extensions

Many properties in London are rich in Victorian features. Understandably, many of us want to respect the character. However, they also create an area that works better for the fashionable lifestyle. An architect can help to form a kitchen extension that respects its age and character and may either be sympathetic to the look or juxtapose the normal element while still maintain a way of harmony.

If your property has been badly developed in the past, the kitchen could also be squeezed into a corner of your original reception rooms. This compromises the utilization of living areas and allows cooking smells to permeate the space. An extension may allow the kitchen to be relocated into a replacement area and also the original living spaces to be reinstated.

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