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Garden Gym Pod

Garden rooms and garden pods become more popular in recent years. With more and more people working remotely, having a neighborhood to utilize as an office could also be valuable. For others, a garden room means creating a sanctuary to unwind and relax in – whether it’s a further room, a home gym, a bath, or a cinema room. Garden rooms have gotten more popular year on year as smart homeowners are attempting to search out ways to maximize their spatial relation, without losing space in their properties. The pods are used for a multitude of reasons including:

Space Saving

This rising demand for extra living room brings up one important question… where to place it? The garden rooms and pods are the right solutions for this. By siting the garden rooms in a very garden or on a chunk of land, we remove the necessity to lose a bedroom or large area in another family room.

Home Office

With more people now engaging from home than ever before, using the pods as an office within the garden gives the advantage of taking the workplace out of more distracting environments within the home, where interruptions are commonplace, giving a transparent divide between workspace and your home.

Style & Image

By offering a classy and exclusive finish, our garden rooms offer an ethical and innovative image for any home or business. The striking looks and robust environmental ethos make the pods an excellent place to entertain family, friends, and clients, without the concern of distraction from the household.

Great for Body and Soul

Whether you’re pounding the treadmill or doing a bit yoga, you’ll position your garden gym to form the foremost of the surface view. Our wide choice of glazing panels, including sliding and bi-folding doors, will bring the surface inside during the summer months and provides you many natural lights all year round, making your gym a very relaxing place to figure out.

Fit for Purpose

As well as recommending reasonably-priced equipment suppliers we will provide you with all necessary room requirements, such as:

  • A reinforced floor to carry the burden of heavy gym equipment
  • Strengthened wall and ceiling mounts to permit the fitting of TV brackets, punch bags, etc.
  • Multiple plug points and floor sockets so you’ve got the flexibleness to maneuver equipment around if you wish to
  • A choice of flooring
  • Adjustable ceiling height that permits you to use your gym equipment comfortably
  • Television point so you’ll watch TV while you workout
  • Full climate control, heating, cooling, humidity, and air circulation
  • A private room where you’ll clean up before returning to the house

Photo by Diego Lozano on Unsplash

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